Phonoscope Health Network


At the core of the system is the highest quality, interactive videoconferencing "LightCar™" connections on a secure and powerful private network using advanced codec equipment. Patients use the "Connected Care Clinics" to talk directly with the nurse or physician who appears on a large screen monitor while they use and control Clinic diagnostic cameras and devices remotely.

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Telemedicine Videoconferencing

Connected Care Clinics™

• Nurse control center available 24/7 365

• PHN units and ongoing maintenance of the equipment

• Ethernet transport for data and high definition video

• A Network of On-demand care for all enrolled customers through physicians and nurses who are respected, seasoned professionals in the Greater Houston area

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Connected Care Clinics™

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Founded in 1952

Phonoscope is the largest privately-owned fiber network

Houston's first fiber connectivity provider

More than 375,000 fiber miles, and growing!

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