Pioneering the Future

  • Phonoscope Instrument Developed in 1954


    The Phonoscope instrument (LightCar™), a two way audio and video communication device, is the forerunner of videoconferencing.

  • Phonoscope Founded in 1952

    Phonoscope Founders

    Phonoscope Founders W.T. Carter, Jesse Jones and Lee Cook.

  • Distance Learning in 1957

    Distance Learning

    Phonoscope developed the original mode of distance learning live and interactive for the Galveston Public School District.

  • Bing Crosby and Henry King joined Phonoscope in 1956

    Joined Phonoscope
  • Anti-Trust suit filed against Southwestern Bell "AT&T" in 1958

    Anti-Trust Law Suit

    Phonoscope began an 11 year battle.

  • Video Jukebox in Late 50's

    Late 50's
    Video Jukebox

    Phonoscope created the video Jukebox for venue entertainment, used in Military Bases, Airports, and Clubs.

  • Television Cable Company formed in 1963

    Television Cable Company Formed

    Phonoscope provides cable TV to the NASA and Clear Lake Areas.

  • Public Utility Rights Granted in 1962

    Public Utility Rights Granted

    The Attorney General of Texas grants Phonoscope public utility rights for Voice and Video Communications. This designation means that Phonoscope is one of 3 Public Communication Utilities; Telegraph, Telephone and Phonoscope.

  • Supreme Court Rules in 1968

    Supreme Court Rules in favor of Phonoscope

    The law suit was settled in 1969 in favor of Phonoscope.

  • Partnered with General Telephone in 1967

    Partnered with General Telephone

    Phonoscope partnered with General Telephone of the Southwest (GTE).

  • Target Cable Advertising Late 1970's

    Target Cable Advertising

    Phonoscope introduced target cable advertising in supermarkets, the beginning of target cable advertisement.

  • Freeway Traffic Cameras 1970's

    Freeway Cameras Installed in Houston

    Phonoscope installs freeway traffic cameras to monitor freeway traffic.

  • Phonoscope begins to deploy the first Fiber Optic Network Late 1970's

    First Fiber Optic Network

    Phonoscope began to use fiber exclusively to build their communication infrastructure.

  • The Largest cable provider in Greater Houston 60's, 70's & 80's

    60's, 70's, & 80's
    Largest provider in Greater Houston

    Provided cable television to most apartment complexes.

  • Interconnected all business districts and Medical Center Late 1980's

    Interconnected all business districts and Medical Center

    Provided Fiber to interconnect all Houston major business districts and hospitals in the Medical Center.

  • 80 mile private Fiber Ring for Exxon in 1985

    80 mile private Fiber Ring for Exxon

    The first Fiber Optic Metro Area Ring.

  • High Speed Internet launched in 1996

    High Speed Internet Launched

    Phonoscope was the first to provide Houston residential customers with multi internet speeds.

  • Telemedicine Launched in the Early 90's

    Early 90's
    Telemedicine Launched

    Phonoscope launched the concept of telemedicine for the use by the Medical Center institutions, to interconnect with cardiovascular surgeons and physicians around the world for instructional purposes.

  • Phonoscope launched digital voice over IP in 2002

    VoIP Launched

  • First Gigabit Ethernet data circuits in 1998

    First Gigabit Ethernet data circuits

    Houston's first Gigabit Ethernet data circuit connectivity provider.

  • Executive Gig Service for the home launched in 2006

    Executive Gig switch for the home launched

  • Expanded to a 10 Gig Ethernet network in 2004

    Expanded to a 10 Gig Ethernet network

  • Phonoscope Global established in 2012

    Phonoscope Global established

    Greater Houston and around the globe IP Services.

  • First Texas Cable TV IP Head-end installed in 2007

    First Texas Cable TV IP Head-end installed

  • Fiber Optic wavelengths expanded to 20 terabytes in 2015

    Fiber Optic wavelengths expanded to 20 terabytes

    Over 250 rings within the fiber network.

  • Phonoscope Fiber Communications established in 2013

    Phonoscope Fiber Communications established

    Fiber to the Home with Symmetrical Gigabit Bandwidth and IP Residential Services.

  • Largest Privately Owned Pure Light Metro Fiber Optic Network in the country in 2016

    Largest Privately Owned Metro Fiber Optic Network